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A month using Evernote Premium


Well, it’s been a month since upgrading Evernote to the Premium account and I thought I’d write a quick piece on it.

Evernote for those that don’t know, is a fantastic application designed to take notes and sync across multi platforms (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and others) and it does this very well. There is a limit on how much can be uploaded to the cloud on a free account (60MB a month) but if you use it mainly for text like I do, then why would it be worth upgrading?

Essentially Evernote Premium gives the user extra space (1GB upload a month) and adds some nice features – the best in my mind, is the attach any file feature. Evernote basic allows for PDF and image attachments which can be displayed inline in the notes. However, an upgrade to “Pro” allows any file you want to be attached. I thought this would be a bit of gimmick to start with but it soon became apparent that for how I use Evernote, this was the best part of the upgrade!

I use Evernote for a variety of reasons. One of which is for my PhD and also for computing references. Both of these require some computer coding, from simple batch scripts, upto javascript files and other files. Now my main backup and sync method is Spideroak but I keep a record in Evernote on what each file does – I can then add the file to the note and instantly be able to run it when I find it.

The same applies to technical help or conversions – you know, articles like this Kindle Jailbreaking on How to Geek. These articles can easily be saved to Evernote for future reference thanks to the fantastic web clipper (and the Firefox/Chrome plugins) but in the future, you might want to do this and follow the instructions in your Evernote notebook, but the files might have disappeared off the internet! With Pro, you can attach those files and at a later date, everything you need will still be there!

Overall, this alone makes the upgrade worth the $5 a month. That’s a pint of beer a month for piece of mind and the ability to sync anything across all platforms 🙂 In my mind, well worth it.

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