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Sparrow and iCloud

Ok, so Sparrow Offsite Link has been released on the App Store today and features iCloud support.

Having now tried it, I can safely say it sucks. Don’t get me wrong, Sparrow is a fantastic email client. It very quickly replaced Mail for me as it was nice and simple, uncluttered and allowed me to send email quickly and it worked great with my Gmail, Gmail App account and my Work Exchange Server (accessed via IMAP).

But with the release of iCloud, I decided to ditch Google pretty much – partly because I’m a privacy nut and I think they have enough of my data, what with my search engine results so I gradually started moving everything to iCloud (incidentally, this advice Offsite Link at Reddit made moving everything bar email to iCloud easy).

However, I was lacking desktop email reading. It wasn’t a problem initially but as I’ve slowly begun to move more and more of my website subscriptions and personal email etc over to iCloud, I’ve begun to need to read my email on a desktop, rather than web based or on my iPhone. So the release of Sparrow’s update was a great relief.

That was until I used it.

Adding the iCloud account was simple – just put in your name, email and iCloud password and all is added automatically which was a good start – I’d tried to add iCloud as IMAP following Apple’s guide Offsite Link, but this hadn’t worked. The problems arose when it downloaded the mail. My Inbox contained 1 email according to Mail, iCloud online and my iPhone. Sparrow was showing me at least 5 emails, most of which I’d deleted from my inbox – iCloud had them in it’s trash but Sparrow was showing them in the Inbox. After deleting them, I’d change to see if they were in the trash but on moving back to the inbox, they had magically reappeared (but not on the server). I could find no way of correcting this and so in the mean time, I’m forced back to use Mail.

Not that Mail is bad, it’s just that Sparrow is simple, easy, intuitive and is a great example of why I love Mac software. Mail is a bit more bloated than Sparrow.

All I can do is hope that this is just a temporary hiccup and Sparrow will work well with iCloud in the near future! Please?

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